Black Lives Matter

The appalling killing of George Floyd and the responses around the world has demonstrated that racism is still very present in our society.

The purpose of the Council is to help all people of all backgrounds prosper, and in doing so to treat everyone equally and with respect. This is our basic human right.

And we at Essex County Council have a responsibility to influence positive action. Not only within our own organisation, but within Essex as a whole.

We want to reassure all our black residents that we are working, with and alongside our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Network (BAMEN), to make sure that the Council’s policies and actions as a public body, an employer, and most of all an organisation people depend on, are informed by, reflect and embody our commitment to equality. The network met virtually last night to discuss a number of topics including this.

If you have been affected by racism, you can contact Stop Hate UK on 0800 138 1625

Cllr David Finch

Leader, Essex County Council